OK so I’m back!! yay 🙂

So much has happened since i last posted, sorry about the holiday, we will see how i go:)

We are currently hosting a mission team from FIJI! its so much fun, so much work but amazing and peaceful all at the same time, we are getting a lot happening good and bad as these things go, God is doing amazing work and we are feeling prepared as each new challenge comes our way 🙂 God is good.

We are excited to see the fruit in the next little while:) I’m listening to praise and worship songs as i write this and praising God , writing about all the things he is doing for us and feeling his presence and peace is making me want to cry:) i am so happy through all the adversity and challenges thrown my way. i keep saying bring it on:D its hard going through the tough times but when you know the end result its exciting and the more you listen, absorb and know whats coming the shorter the anger and frustration of dealing with problems with people and life in general:) I’m finding the more i serve and put myself in as close a relationship and likeness to God as i can manage i find its easier to serve others 24/7 , I’m happier and more willing to do things that bring nothing to myself but are all about serving God, I’m stubborn about not being upset or angry but productive and a blessing through my frustration:) i am only able to do the things I’m doing right now through Gods strength he is giving me and saying daily that everything i do is ultimately for Him. Hallelujah:)

I hope this is a blessing to you today:)

I will post more of our adventure with the Fiji’s (as the kids call them.. how cute) and get some pics and maybe a few testimonies of what God’s up to in our lives as we follow Him completely and trust Him for literally everything in our lives at the moment (more on that later;)

*Welcome to the family Hudson born 29th October 2015 🙂


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