Stuck and don’t understand why?

I love when people go above and beyond to help a stranger, we got bogged tonight and I was already at my limit and beyond for this week, 6 people stopped and 2 called friends to help it was just amazing, one of them had a winch and so we got out pretty quick at that point even though the mans car was the one moving to start with:)
I say to Paul what was the point in that? Why did we need to have that happen tonight especially after such a long week and a huge weekend coming up?But I know God knows the reason , there is always a reason and most of the time I don’t know why and never will. There is a lot of possibilities tonight, maybe they needed to help , perhaps their love language is acts of service, maybe they had a bad day and needed to love someone else to get some thanks and love back? Maybe we avoided a crash up the road? Maybe I needed to realize that I wasn’t as past my limit as I thought I was?

Either way God knows!! He knows everything and we need to trust Him and enjoy it!! Yes we were annoyed and I was slightly embarrassed that we had gotten ourselves into this mess and needed help( there’s another one, I need to be more humble !!!) but we had fun we got to laugh with strangers and love them and say how much we appreciated that they took time out of their night to help us, and I hate leaving after with nothing more than thank you because I always feel it’s never enough:)
But you know what maybe it is:)

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