His Journey …Part Two

First off before I write the second part of this series, I want to say sorry for not getting it out sooner. It is a very real and scary place when you are walking by faith and it can be very exhausting, daunting and unmotivating, add being sick and it seems impossible to keep going. It took me a lot to start writing this in the beginning , it takes a lot of faith to state something in faith that has not happened yet and to have the possibility of being wrong.

Even if we are wrong, I still feel I need to share the background, we will not regret this path we are walking it has brought us closer to God which ultimately brings us closer as a family. Even if we are wrong about the bigger miracle we still have all the little miracles that God has done for us up to this point and that in itself makes it worth it. God is an amazing God who loves us and we believe He only ever wants the best for us, sometimes we get it wrong and don’t hear what He wants us to hear and we veer off onto the wrong path. We are only human, we are not perfect, we can only strive to do the best we can and become more Christlike by learning through the mistakes we make. Eventually we’ll get it right and we can praise God for the amazing things he does for his children.

X-ray and Chiropractic results:
• Spine is trying to fuse together (early stages)
• Calcium growth extending into the space that his nerve should flow through
• One of his legs is shorter than the other and was revealed from his twisted pelvis
• His entire spine was out of alignment
Paul went 2-3 times to the Chiropractor and then decided to try an Osteopath as a lot of people thought they were better.
The Osteopath told him that they would need a CT scan which would need to be obtained from his Dr. The Dr told him he would give the ok for a MRI not a CT so Paul went and got the MRI. While the results were being processed he Dr told him to not see a Osteopath but a Physical Therapist.
So far:
1. Chiropractor (not paid by Medicare).
2. X-ray (chiropractor paid for it ).
3. Osteopath (not paid by Medicare).
4. CT scan MRI Scan (not paid by Medicare).
5. Physical Therapist (not paid by Medicare).
6. Multiple Dr’s visits ( only a few in 6 months have been paid by medicare).
So Paul went to see the Physical Therapist with strict instructions that they not massage him ( that’s what a physio does right?? ha ha). The Physio actually called the Dr as she was very confused about the no massage part, the Dr informed her that if she did massage Paul’s neck/shoulder it would potentially cut his nerve in half which would result in him losing the function of his arm.
In the MRI they found some muscles in Paul’s back that looked like he had never used them (along the sides of his spine at the top of his back) so all the Physio could do for him at this point was to give him exercises to improve those muscles and hope that they would  re-aligne his back to free up the pinched nerve.
Paul went home and did the exercises for 3 days and then started getting severe numbness and tingling down his arm and to his fingertips. back to the Dr!
In short the Dr told him to not do the exercises, that he could no longer do his Mechanics job or his Warehousing job (basically get a new job). He told him that he cannot do flips (you might have seen our update on Retro Cristo’s Facebook page about this), he cannot do handstands or kayaking or abseiling or rock climbing, all things in which he is qualified and can make money doing. Later we even realized that he could not ride motorbikes or horses as the risks if he fell would be too great.
He listed of everything that you think of when you say Paul Nash and said that because of the pressure that pretty much anything at this point would put on his muscles and bones he would no longer be able to do them, and probably never would again.
So Paul asked him what he could do; NOTHING!! Any job that you could think of even if Paul were qualified in every area of the work force was not possible as it would require siting too long, standing too long, putting pressure on his body etc etc etc. The Dr went through lists, I even went through lists later and nothing fit the criteria.
Paul came home and told me what the Dr had said , It was a very sad moment for me. I had expected him to come home with the answer and to be back to work in a few days. He had seen so many specialists that I assumed one of them would have the answer. I even, at one point, said something along the lines of “you aren’t going to be the Paul i married ever again.” everything that i knew of him he wasn’t able to do or be anymore. It was such a shock too because here, my husband, was standing in front of me physically fit for the most part, able to walk (which the Dr also told him he would have to limit), drive, look after himself etc , He couldn’t do things like lift the kids and change their nappies or bend over to empty the dishwasher or load the washing machine but i assumed as well that that would be temporary and improve as he improved). He seemed fine but the Dr was telling him he would never be the same? I’m pretty sure I started crying (who wouldn’t), but then something clicked and I’m so glad that God has been working on me the last few years as I’m sure I never would have had this reaction before.  I-get this- laughed/ grinned, looked at Paul and said “God has something amazing for us, this is going to be exciting, He can take us anywhere and do anything with us, He obviously has something amazing planned for us”. As I continued with this thought I knew it would be sad to say goodbye to all the things we knew and loved but equally exciting to begin a new adventure. And we knew it would take time too.
The Dr put Paul on a high dose of anti-inflammatory tablets and told him to rest. (Yup that’s it… REST)
Some friends of ours (one of them a nurse) spoke highly of a specialist who cared for a few members of their family that no one else could find cause for the problems they had. He was a Sports Massage Therapist and did things that even in discussion made a lot more sense to Paul and I then the other specialists mentioned or trialed. So Paul went to yet another appointment and found out more about his body. He confirmed all the things the other specialists had found out through all the machines without the machines and basically just told Paul all about how his body was working just by looking at him when he was standing and bending etc.
• He confirmed one of his legs was shorter and told him to take out one of the foot. supports Paul had recently bought with new shoes.
• He confirmed that his muscles are not the way they should be to support his frame.
• He found that his neck was twisting to the side when he put his head forward.
• and confirmed that it was a pinched nerve.

He loosened up all Paul’s muscles with a vibrating machine of sorts, he used a nerve ‘awakening’ tool that wakes up nerves that don’t function properly and did a lot of stretching a little manipulation on his body.
He went back a few times and the tingling and numbness decreased a lot, it didn’t go away completely as i hoped yet again 🙁  but Paul was now armed with stretching exercises for his neck that he could do when his body had had enough. (he still does these, sometimes multiple times a day).
So this is where another miracle happens. There pretty much was nothing Paul could do right? He was lying down nearly all day everyday. Remember at the beginning of Part One how i told you about his guitar?? Well guess what ,that guitar was the only musical instrument (out of probably 20 instruments between him and everyone at church) that HE COULD PLAY!! What a blessing from God 🙂  this guitar was the right height etc and sat in the right place on his lap that he could play it when he was up to it. His old guitar was not good at all and would send the tingling and numbness back to his arms and fingers. God is good, I love that he works out all the little details well before we think we need it. There is no way after the Dr told Paul everything ,that we would go and buy a new and expensive guitar in the hopes he could play it. Why waste that money? But God knew and because we listened we got the reward:) how cool is that:)

Stay tuned for Part 3 and I pray you are all listening to God and going on your own faith journey this week 🙂

Love and Prayers,


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