His Journey …Part One

So here we go, this is the beginning of His journey for us into a new season;

It started in August 2015, God told Paul that he needed to go and buy a decent guitar, one that cost more money than we would ever have/like to pay. Getting the guitar was its own story and miracle in itself. Stay tuned 😛

Then in September God told Paul that he would eventually not work at his 2 jobs anymore, Paul couldn’t see how that would happen, it seemed silly to him as he would never quit (he was working for a great friend and his family).

At the end of October Paul got sick, he was exhausted and rundown and couldn’t work for about a week or so. He finally went to the Dr in November and the Dr told him that he had had glandular fever within the last month. The Dr told him it could be 3-6mths before he regained full energy. Seeing as he had been sick at the beginning of 2015( he had a floor of mouth infection; basically a really bad abscess that wasn’t treated properly, affected his heart and he almost died) I told him I thought it would definitely be in the upwards of 6mths recovery being that he was still recovering from the previous sickness.

Paul went back to work a few days a week but most of the time only managed a few hrs before he had to come home again.

It was December by this point and Paul was still only managing a few days and hrs a week at work. we went out driving one day and he stretched his neck, it cracked and an electric shock went down his right arm. He ended up being in bed for days between the glandular fever and the pain from his shoulder and arm (he had tingling all down his arm and right to his fingertips) he wasn’t able to lift anything or move his arm above his head etc.

It was January before Paul decided that it was not going to heal on its own and we decided that a chiropractor could fix it. We assumed that because something had cracked all it needed was to be put back in place.

We had little to no money at this point as you could imagine (I had done the Christmas grocery shopping the week of Christmas as we had Christmas at ours for that year. That would be the last time I would go to the shops for groceries till May 2016), we had to rely on our churches op-shop food bank for food as that was cheaper than standard grocery stores. So ALL our money started going toward all the specialists that Paul would see in the next month.

The chiropractor was around a $100 each appointment and the first appointment required a $150 x-ray.

The chiropractor during general conversation asked Paul what his profession was, Paul told him he was a mechanic and the chiropractor offered to pay for the x-ray if Paul would diagnose the problem he had with his car (not fix etc but just diagnose, pretty cool huh:) )

The x-ray and chiropractic consultation showed interesting results.

Stay tuned for the next part of the journey God is taking us on:)

Your probably wondering why I’m outlining all the little details and not just giving you the overall view of our life up to this point. God works the most and I think the best through the little things and its the little things that make up the biggest miracles 🙂 So definitely keep following because the biggest miracle of all is about to be uncovered 😀


Love and Prayers,

Ash 🙂

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