So we did some more family photos the other week courtesy of Auntie Ba and i promise you the matching was purely accidental lol, we just happened to wear the same colours, and obviously the girls are wearing the same dress so that was deliberate:)

2016-04-16 15.57.55

‘The sun’s in our eyes Auntie Ba’

2016-04-16 16.04.452016-04-16 16.04.462016-04-16 16.05.05

Now its in Daddy’s eyes hehe

2016-04-16 18.01.392016-04-16 18.01.50

A few photos from Pop’s Birthday Party that Mum and Dad missed out on as they were at Great Grandma’s Birthday Party:)

I love that we have so much family that nights are double booked!

Look out for December (now that’s an understatement for a busy month!)

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