Racing Car!!

Stripping down an old model car and building it back up into a race car, doesn’t sound too bad right? unless you have stripped a car before and built it back up from the shell! Its hard work for the mechanic but imagine that the car has feelings…..

Hack saws and drills and sand paper or sand blasting (ouch), taking all the old parts off and throwing them away, knocking out all the dings and then drilling and bolting new parts, repainting and probably a lot more (I’m a mechanics wife but trust me my sister knows more about car stuff than me haha, i don’t need to know!! that’s what Paul’s for ;p). All of that sounds quite painful. (I’m thinking of Herbie lol).

This is what God told Paul in March;

‘I’m going to strip you down from an old model and build you into a race car’

So i just told you the effort it takes to strip down a car, what does it take to strip down and rebuild a person……………………??


How about a family……………………??


Five different medical specialists. Evaluations and evictions .Old jobs, no jobs? …Stronger faith and the impossible……….. possible?.

I am going to take you on a journey from before this and beyond.

It all started when Paul’s Mum and Dad decided to have their sixth child ………….



Ok yeah not that far back, just a few months 😛

So join me on Thursday and come along for the ride:)

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Daughter of the King. Wife and mum of 3. Blogger documenting our crazy faith filled life.
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